Fall of the Dragon Prince (The Forgotten Heirs Trilogy Bk. 1) by Dan Allen

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Years ago, the five realms were united byToran, the King. Rumor has it that Toran left an heir in each of the five realms and tied the success of each realm to the survival of his hidden heirs. Now that Toran has died, the realms are once again in turmoil, and only an heir can reunite them.
In the Erdali Realm, Reann, a highly intelligent serving girl in Toran’s estate, has taken it upon herself to try to find the heirs. Her mother was the translator for King Toran, before her death left Reann orphaned. King Toran took Reann in as a servant and left instruction for her to be cared for until her swiftly approaching eighteenth birthday. Reann is the unofficial librarian of the estate and uses all her spare time to research, knowing that she has only weeks left to solve the secret of the heirs before she will be kicked out of the estate. Then, a mysterious nobleman shows up with clues and employs her help in solving the riddle of the lost heirs. In the Montazi Realm, Terith has been raised as a dragon rider. He is the most gifted rider in his village and in charge of the raising and training of the war dragons. Terith will ride to represent his village in the upcoming race to win the right to marry the woman he loves. But his magic awakening has begun early, so he has to learn to control it to be successful in the race and defeat the dark traitor who will be racing against him Will the heirs be found in time to save the realms?

This book is fantasy at its’ best! Fans of Eragon, Game of Thrones, and classic dragon fantasy will enjoy this. The characters are wonderfully written and likable. Readers will find themselves reading through the night, unable to put this down--unable to wait for the next book in the series... needing to know what happens to Reann and Terith! You would like this book if you like… Dragon Fantasy stories!

- Sara Pavone, DragonLibrary Staff