Dragon Library Summer Hours Prevent Students from Melting All Over Sidewalk in Puddles of Soggy Ennui

Will it be hot? If decades of Texanhood are any indication: Yes! Will it be rainy? Also, because El Niño: Apparently Yes!! While this summer break is shaping up to be an excellent one if you love free outdoor saunas, when being scorched, soaked, or both simultaneously gets to be a drag, having a good book to dive into is an excellent reason to lounge about somewhere climate controlled.

Your Dragon Library is here with the hook up: words (and sometimes pictures!) in handy volumes, good for enjoying in the sun at a pool or beach, or while shunning the burning sky-orb at a cafe, or on a nice, cool sofa. They can be read for entertainment or edification, displayed strategically to start conversation or advertise an interest where social media profiles and witty t-shirts won’t do, or used to partially conceal one’s face while scoping out the scene.

“But it’s summer!” hypothetical you says, hypothetically, adding, “And our Beloved Dragon Library is closed until next school year, duh!” Not so! From 10:00 AM until Noon, June 17, July 8, 15, 29, and August 5, we will be open, staffed, and pleased as punch to check out up to 5 items. Don’t worry about taking another whole partial morning out of your busy summertide to return the items, though: they’ll only come due next school year!

- RET3, Guest Blogger