Say It With Your Chest


Round Rock High School (RRHS) sophomore published a book of spoken word.
Say It With Your Chest was chosen by publisher Red Orchid as one of their 30 Writer Career Launch contest works to publish. When it was selected, the publisher had no idea that the manuscript was written by a 16-year-old and had to quickly adapt their contract to accommodate a minor. In fact, publisher Melanny Henson called Lighteard’s prose “clean, engaging and brimming with heart,” and “felt it would appeal well to a broad audience.”

On Friday, May 2nd, the Round Rock High School Library celebrates the launch of Lighteard’s debut book, Say It With Your Chest! The celebration will include presentations each class period, during which time the author will be available for Q&A sessions, readings, and autographs. Books will be available to purchase and/or order. Students will have the opportunity to ask Lighteard about the writing and publishing process, as well as for tips for their own writing.