What's Your Style?

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The library was gifted the What's Your Style? series by Lerner Publishing Group as part of its "Free Book Friday" blog contest. Drop by to explore the books that are being heralded as

"... a fun mix of fashion and self-discovery, with a little DIY thrown in for good measure. The layout is magazine-like: slick and well designed, bright illustrations, numerous photos of clothing and celebrities, and even a multiple-choice quiz to help determine which style would best express the reader's individuality. Each book provides examples of famous people who model that particular look and also offers choices of colors, patterns, and styles to make that look work for the not-yet-a-celebrity reader. Makeup tips, hairstyle examples, and advice on choosing accessories to represent each style are also included.

Emphasis is placed on exploring options to find the best way to highlight the reader's own personal style. Creativity is also encouraged through various projects to craft accessories, like scarves or headbands. There are also ideas for refashioning shoes and clothing for a new look. Finally, the author provides a playlist of songs and suggestions for movies and television shows to suit the newly discovered fashion vibe." —VOYA