Student Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling

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Harry finishes Hogwarts and returns back for the summer to live with his rude Aunt and Uncle... and his awful cousin Dudely. Harry is treated like a slave and is forced in his room most of the time. One day he walks into his room and a slave dobby is waiting there for him to warm him Hogwarts is not safe to return to. Bad things have been happening, but Harry doesn't listen. Harry soon finds out that he should have listened to Dobby but feels he is obligated to stay and solve wha'ts going on. Harry then realizes that he could potentially put all of his peers in danger, so he acts on his own. This book and series has kept me on my toes ever since I started. This series has so many twists and turns, the reader will never get bored. Even after you finish reading the series. They have produced films to go along with the movies that are just as exciting as the books.  You would like this book if you like… The Hunger Games or books with lots of twists and betrayal that keep you on your toes and pulls you in. Both of these series make you feel like you're right there living the book. Lots of imagery, so you really get a look and feel of how the characters and things in the book connect and react.

- Nick, RRHS Student