'Twas some night during The Holidays...

‘Twas some night during The Holidays, and all through the house
I’d read every book I’d laid eyes on, even Art Spiegelman’s Maus.

You’ve seen the displays in stores since school started. You’ve heard the music since the trick-or-treaters called it a night. Now the weather has turned, and reality is setting in: you’re about to get to spend some much-deserved time away from school be forced to spend days and even weeks apart from your beloved library.

Oh, it might seem fun at first, but after the turkey & pie are in the fridge, the dreidel’s all spun out, the holiday specials’ credits roll, the gifts are given, and/or the candles are lit,  you’re going to want to settle your brain for a long winter’s read. There may be new instruction manuals around, but those don’t really offer the sort of literary edification you’re looking for. You could make the miles-long trek uphill both ways in the lack of snow to your campus library, but you’d find it locked tight and bereft of friendly librarians. What is a would-be reader to do when the mercury drops, the nights grow long, and there’s not so much as a cereal box that you haven’t read thoroughly?

While your librarians are nestled all snug in their beds, with visions of card catalogs dancing in their heads, their electronic proxies on Follet Shelf are wide awake, toiling like pointy-eared cyber-elves to find, recommend, and deliver eBooks to you wherever you can find an internet connection.

Here’s how:

- RET3, Guest Blogger