Welcome home, Dragons!

Whether you’re fresh from middle school, easing back into our ever-expanding campus, or blown here by the winds of fate, we’re All One Family, so your DragonLibrary invites you to come see what’s in store among the stacks, screens, and sounds of our lair in the heart of the 1100 building.

There are, as you might expect, books. But such books! Both fiction and fact, on paper and on screens, and even ones that talk! Most have tons of words, many have pictures AND words, and a few have no words at all. Check them out here or from the comfort of wherever you have a data connection via Destiny Discover or flip through magazines on Flipster!

(There are even kind bibliomages, whom mortals call librarians, which dwell there and will work their sorcery to help divine a volume that is just right for you - if you use the magic word!)

(The magic word is PLEASE.)

Once you’ve found a good read to devour, bring your lunch to DragonReaders Book Club on Fourth Fridays. Your fellow scholars will be there with their latest reads which may well become your next favorite once they’re done telling you about it.

You may have heard wild reports that libraries and those that run them are dull, quiet, and never any fun at all. However, the latest Dragon Science shows quite the opposite! Your DragonLibrary is the place for an array of diversions throughout the year, ranging from National Library Week - always full of themed games and wackiness - to special events conjured from the imaginations of your Dragon Librarians.

Among their latest mad schemes is the very first Central Texas Teen Comic-Con! Start plotting your cosplay, because on Saturday, December 2, comic creators and vendors will invade your halls with drawing & writing workshops, panel discussions, and contests for art and costumes!

How shall you ever keep up with this brobdingnagian bibliotek bounty? Start by visitng the mind-bogglingly useful DragonLibrary website, where you will find many resources, including this DeepStacks blog, host to library announcements, book reviews, and intellectually edifying comics that are often setups for elaborate puns. If you’re the tweeting sort, you can also follow @rrhslib to add some library goodness to your feed.

Fly on in to browse the hoard soon, and have a great year!

RET3, Guest Blogger