The Princess' Diamond Jubilee

Image by Elena Casagrande

Diana rocks slowly in her favorite chair, admiring the last golden rays of the Themyscirian sunset diffracting around the edges of her invisible jet, looking fondly back on her day. Clark, Bruce, Hal, and Orin all dropped by to bring wishes and reminisce about past adventures; even Barry put in a brief appearance, late as usual. Gathering her breath to blow out the 75 star-shaped candles atop the red, blue, and gold sheet cake her granddaughter gingerly placed before her, Diana closed her eyes and silently petitioned Hera:
Watch over those loved ones who are not present. With a soft sigh and a quiet smile, our heroine returns her focus to the present, rises, and retires to the warmer interior of her ancestral palace to escape the evening chill, assured that today she was once more victorious.

Perhaps, in some alternate continuity, Wonder Woman would celebrate this year’s milestone birthday like that, but the Amazon princess that we love is NOT that sort of septuagenarian! In fact, as our Diana turns 75 this month, she continues to fight for America, "the last citadel of democracy and of equal rights for women"— as she always has, just as her creator William Moulton Marston intended. In fact, this “little old lady” will be bringing the fight back to the big screen in a new movie arriving Summer 2017, to inspire the next generation of fans.

Happy birthday, Wonder Woman! You’ve fought the good fight for seventy-five years.  And we need you now, as much as ever.