Book Review: Noggin by John Corey Whaley

Image from RRHS Catalog

The main character's body keeps on failing him due to cancer. Because of this issue, many of the doctors give up on Travis. But one doctor offers to freeze Travis's mind and connect his head to a healthier body when the technology comes out. After 5 years, Travis comes back to life but doesn't realize the hardship and the shock his surroundings went through. So he tries to get his old life back but it seems impossible. His old girlfriend has a fiancĂ©, and his best friend's having a hard time coming out of the closet. He struggles to get his girlfriend back and wishes everything were normal, but he stayed a teenager while his friends aged. His mom and Dad pretend to be happy, but they've been split up for years. After realizing that things will never be the same, Travis learns that he has to move on and find new happiness. I would recommend this book. When I picked up this book, I didn't realize I was going to finish the whole book in one go. The ending was a little disappointing because I would've liked to find out what happened more to Travis afterwards, but the development of the plot and Travis as a character were really entertaining. You would like this book if you like the emotions, humor, and drama of high school.

- Sung, RRHS Student