Student Review: This Song will Save Your Life by Leila Sales

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A girl named Elise Dembowski tries to change herself growing up as a child so that people will like her. She tried everything--reading magazines searching the web--but still no one seemed to like her. One day, she decides she wants to kill herself so she finds her father's Exacto knife on the table and goes to the bathroom and slits her wrist. People then made a website or a diary. Later she discovers a club named Start and meets new people where she feels she can get away from school when she's around them. She also falls in love with a DJ and later starts DJing herself. Later in the book, she realized the girl who called the ambulance saved her life because she did not want to die - that nothing in her life would have happened if she wasn't alive. Another thing she realized is that changing yourself to become someone you're not is not going to get you anywhere because people will not like you either way because they will always want you to be someone you're not. I recommend this book because it is a life changing book, and it has some parts of the book that are involved with people's lives. You would like this book if you like stories or life events.

- Esperanza, RRHS Student