2014 Coins for Coats Drive

Winter Is Coming.

Even though the mercury still flirts with 90 here in the fading days of October, rest assured: winter is coming. But long before the longest night of the year marks the start of the sidereal season, temperatures will drop. And even if we can be reasonably certain that our Haunnukawaznsmas won’t be white, it won’t be long before the winds howl and any chance of precipitation makes weekday mornings a vigil awaiting a school delay or cancellation. Fortunately, most will be well-insulated at the bus stop or hustling between buildings by toasty winter gear: dashing scarves, cute earmuffs, stylish gloves, and most of all, a warm, weather-busting coat.

But not all will be so snug as bugs in proverbial rugs.

Some will feel the bite of the wind and any polar vortices that spin our way more than they should. We can, however, do something about that: this
Coins for Coats drive is in its final few days, but you can still help! Along with the rest of your 6th period class, shake the sofa cushions and entreat your friends and neighbors to help raise funds to purchase coats to be distributed through the Round Rock Area Serving Center to RRISD students who need them. In the process, earn an entry for a drawing to win a donut party for your class (and an Amazon gift card for your beloved instructor) for each $10 y’all raise.

- RET3, Guest Blogger