2014 College Fair & Book Give Away

At some point between next Spring and Spring 2019 you, current Dragon scholar, will awake one morning to find yourself no longer a Dragon scholar! You will have become one of our honored alumni. Don’t plan to rest on those hard-earned laurels, though; by then, it will be time for you to get an even higher education.

Don’t wait until you launch that mortarboard though; start exploring your many options today!

Yes, even you, freshmen.

This Monday, September 22, from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM in the 1100 building, over 200 schools will be represented, each with someone ready to speak to you about your plans after your Dragon days are over.

Before you go, drop by your library or ask your English teacher for a signature form. Collect the signatures of eight College Fair representatives to pick a book from the librarians’ prize shelf!

- RET, Guest Blogger