Student Review: The Number Devil - A Mathematical Adventure by Hans Magnus Enzensberger

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A young man named Robert was not seeing much importance in mathematics; his pretzel glutton teacher, Mr. Bockel, giving ridiculous problems to solve, and no remote fascination of its workings. However, Robert would have a series of twelve dreams that change his entire outlook on mathematics, along with where it resides. He is confronted by a slender, sly Number Devil, who introduces him to irrational numbers, infinite series, prime numbers, and fractals. The wonders and devilish-preciseness of mathematics is illuminated to Robert through bizarre, Alice-in-Wonderland-like visions. I highly advise other individuals to immerse themselves into this adventure. Those who may be in the same circumstance as Robert would especially be enlightened into how amazing mathematics are, despite how tarnished its image might be from teachers like Mr. Bockel. The Number Devil is also an unbearably enticing book for math fanciers, who spend time solving mental equations. This story has no genuine age distribution, as the knowledge is invaluable among all ages.

- Jacob, RRHS Student