Student Review - 42: The Jackie Robinson Story by Aaron Rosenberg

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The book takes place in 1946 and later. It involves Robinson's wife, his friend, and the reporter, and they all are living in a hard time, especially when Robinson moves out of the negro leagues and goes to the major leagues. The fans, the coaches, and the players were all very upset about this decision, and they all start to call him names even when he hits homeruns. This name calling is making him feel unwanted, but it is also making him into a better player. And, those comments make him want to get better, and that's exactly what happened. They soon start to respect him after he starts doing even better. I would recommend this because it is a great book, an easy read, and has a lot of history about a great man living in a hateful time. You would like this book if you like… baseball books and the history of baseball.

- Paul , RRHS Student