Happy Halloween from the RRHS Creative Writing Club

Using the ghoulish, frightening, and fun upcoming holiday, Halloween, for inspiration the Round Rock Creative Writing Club completed terrifyingly terrific Halloween short stories, poems and more in the month of October.  Below you will find excerpts of such writings.

“...Either there’s a purpose hidden within her seventh period calculus class, or she’s actually in hell. Or maybe it’s just some cruel twist of fate. She could be merely a cosmic plaything. If so, then nothing she does matters… but if not, maybe there’s a way to get out. Maybe she’ll actually be able to go trick-or-treating tonight, though the prospect of leaving calculus holds far greater meaning than Halloween...”
- From “Ninety Minutes” by Erin Vines

“It started with the ones who had weakened immune systems. Something in their genetics changed, and by now anyone who could have said what changed is dead. Once they changed, they could transmit the condition through physical contact. At first, the only end result was heart failure - which seemed pretty final at the time. But the dead weren’t dead for long. Soon, those with stopped hearts tore themselves from their graves and-“

“Jake! Stop thinking aloud. Your habit of narrating history is getting really annoying.”“Sorry! I was just writing down what happened.”“Why write it down, there’s no one left to read it.”“There could be.”“There isn’t.”

     I sighed. Kristy didn’t like that I decided to keep a journal of everything that’s happened so far. I thought I’d write it down because maybe, if the human race survives, they will be able to learn from our mistakes. But as each day passes, that seems less and less likely. I looked over at Kris. She was checking the bullets left in our shotguns, for what was probably the third time in the past two hours. I thought it was a nervous habit, but she never talked about it. She had a good reason to. She’d lost her parents too, but, unlike me, she’d acted quickly before they could contaminate her little brother. Speaking of whom …”
- From “A Disease” by Delaney Haig

“Her face was wrong. She knew it. Some indefinable glitch existed within her wide eyes. A fault with the blushing mouth. Knowledge of the flaws lured her troubled mind into constant insecurity. The girl absentmindedly clawed at the eyes, yearning to extract them from their set place. Her lips were gnawed upon, blistering the tinted surface. She was in a perpetual state of disintegration. And no one heard her muted cry.”
From “The Fault in Her Eyes” by Zainab Monk

If you are interested in reading more, visit the club's website where you will find links to the writers’ bios and blogs as well as writings produced by club members.  The club meets Mondays at 4:15 PM in Room 114, and its next project is National Novel Writing Month. Your library is proud to support the RRHS Creative Writing Club by assisting to secure authors for upcoming writing workshops.