Follett Shelf

Dead-tree editions of written works have many useful features: you can highlight them (unless it’s a library book), take notes in the margins (unless it’s a library book), dog-ear pages (unless it’s a library book), use them to compress and dry flowers (unless it’s a library book), or build a fort out of them (unless they’re library books...and who could fit in a five-book fort, anyhow?). Come to think of it, the conventional library book may not always meet your needs, and once Summer arrives, you can’t even check one out from your RRHS Library - even if your hamster does require literary fortifications.

However, while their paper brethren are getting their beauty sleep, a tireless army of sophisticated electro-mechanical automatons stand at the ready, awaiting your command to seek out the book you desire and blast it through the internet to a reading device of your choice! Between trips to the movies, mall, pool, froyo joint, and the many other worthy air-conditioned pursuits the summer demands, FollettShelf can be as close as your smartphone, tablet, or computer - ready to cure those moments of summertime blues with prose of a much higher quality than you are likely to find on KikFaceTwitSpace.

I, for one, welcome our new eBook overlords.

- RET3, Guest Blogger